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Free easy-to-use download manager

Free easy-to-use download manager

Download Buddy is a sophisticated but extremely easy-to-use Internet-download manager. - Start multiple downloads with just one mouse click. - Context menu to start your downloads directly from Safari or every other application that allows selecting URL's. No plugins needed. - Support for adding URL's via drag-and-drop. - Limit the number of simultaneous downloads to keep performance high.

• Prevents unintended computer sleep while downloading.

• When all downloads are complete, you will see a Notification Center banner. 

• Restart automatically unfinished downloads when you restart the app. 

• Automatic resume of timed out downloads. 

• Supports HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols.

• Support for password protected HTTP and HTTPS downloads. 

• History form to view your download history, including all cancelled items. 

• Restart downloads from your download history. 

• Open downloaded files with associated app. 

• Full screen and Split screen support. 

• Full support for Retina displays. 

• Extended web based Help system to get started.


The new Net Radar Add-on monitors the existence and correct working of a VPN connection. Download Buddy will automatically stop all downloads when Net Radar detects a non-working VPN connection. The Net Radar Add-on is available as In-app purchase

Download Buddy makes it very easy to add multiple URL's from any application to the download queue, thanks to the 'Add to Download Buddy' system menu.

The optional Net Radar Add-on protects VPN users agains downloading without a working VPN connection.

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Download Buddy


Download Buddy 1.8

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